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International Workshop in Koblenz

Obshta snimka

Koblenz, 05/02 – 06/02/2018 – An international workshop on Digitalization in the craft sector took place in the competence center of Koblenz Chamber of Crafts between 05.02 and 06.02.2018. The workshop attracted representatives of business organizations from South East Europe and representatives of small and medium-sized enterprises from the region. The workshop aimed to present the latest trend in the field of digitalization and the challenges that the craft and SMEs are experiencing given the changing realities and requirements of the market. The workshop was also the last event that took place in Koblenz Chamber of Crafts within the framework of the West Balkans partnership project.

Digitization is a major topic in all countries and South East Europe is no exception. The challenges that the micro enterprises and craft companies in the region are facing nowadays are not that easy to overcome. One of the approaches to help small business stay competitive in changing market realities is the active exchange of experience and knowledge with the countries that have been on this track for several years now. The experts from presented the topics "Digital Transformation in the Crafts Sector", "Process Digitization in the Crafts Sector", "Opportunities for the Craft Companies in an Age of Digitalization - New and customized business models ", "Changes in workflows”.

Mr. Christoph Krause, head of the Center for Design, Communication and Manufacturing, and Mr. Rolf Müller, technology consultant, demonstrated the possibilities of digitizing workflows and processes in the craft enterprises, as well as the possible new business models, using many practical examples.

The workshop was conceived as an example business consultation that the SME organizations can provide as a new service to their member companies.

This workshop, which was the last activitz of Koblenz Chamber of Crafts of Koblenz for the countries in South East Europe, was a concluding event of a whole series of workshops for the development of a variety of service offers that the partner organizations from the Western Balkans could provide to their member companies. We firmly believe that our effort and devotion have contributed to the better development of SMEs and their organizations in the region.

We wish all partner organizations the best of success in their activity and thank the experts of HwK Koblenz for their professionalism and share of expertise.