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The Balkan Small Business Association as a network for exchange of information in South East Europe strives to provide regular and important information to its member organizations and to SMEs in the region. The information flows in two directions: information intended for the member organizations and for the micro and craft enterprises in the region, on one side, and information intended for the general public and aims to popularize the activities of the BSBA and to raise the image and prospects for the development of SMEs.

The information provided by the BSBA includes the following:

1. Information about the development of different sectors in the countries in South East Europe

2. Information about the important decisions, policy and legislation of the EU related to the development of the craft enterprises and SMEs

3. Information about important political events taking place in South East Europe and on EU level which influence the development of SMEs

4. Information about important activities and initiatives of the member organizations of the BSBA

5. Information about the activities of the Balkan Small Business Association

6. Information about exhibitions and trade fairs in South East Europe and Germany

7. Information about projects, programmes, calls for proposals, calls for tenders and grants of the European Commission