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The Balkan Small Business Association (BSBA) offers to its members and all other organizations, representing handicrafts and SMEs, a set of services that aim to support the development of this sector in the Balkan region.

A direct purpose of its services is also the incentive for active collaboration between enterprises from Germany and South-Eastern Europe on the one hand and within  the region, on the other,  in the field of cooperation, coming on the European market, joint actions and others.

The main task of Balkan Small Business Association as an information and experience exchange network in South East Europe, is the provision of services in the field of information and improvement of the communication within the region and with Germany as well.

In its effort to support the developement of craft enterprises and SMEs the BSBA has developed and offers services in the field of qualification and continuing education. The target groups of the training offers are diverse: start-up entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs with long experience in their business as well as master craftsman in various craft professions.