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STATUTES OF NON-PROFIT ORGANIZATION “Balkan Small Business Association"

Chapter One


Art. 1. (1) „Balkan Small Business Association", referred to hereinafter as the Association, is a non-profit legal entity, independent of its members, established in compliance with the provisions of the Non-profit Legal Entities Act, its Statutes and the decisions of the General Assembly.

  1. The Association shall be responsible to its liabilities with its assets.
  2. The members of the Association shall not be responsible for its liabilities.
  3. The members shall be responsible for the liabilities of the Association up to the amount of their due membership fees.
  4. The Association may establish branches throughout the country and abroad by decision of the General Assembly, and also offices abroad by decision of the Board of Directors.


Art. 2. (1) The name of the Association shall be: Balkan Small Business Association ". The name can be further written also in German: VERBAND MIT NICHT WIRSCHAFLICHEM ZWECK “MITTELSTANDSBÜRO BALKAN".

The name of the Association, along with the information about the registered address, the address of management the court of registration, the reference number of the court registration and the Unified Identity Code (BUSLTAT) shall be indicated in each written statement of the Association.

The name of the branch of the Association shall be formed by adding to the name of the Association the indication „branch" and the location of the branch registered address. If the branch is abroad the provisions of the respective legislation shall be observed and if there are no such the regulation of the preceding sentence shall apply. 

Registered address and address of management

Art. 3. The registered address of the Association is in Sofia, the address of management is: 1000 Sofia, 55 Todor Kableshkov Street.


Art. 4. The Association shall not be limited by time or another termination provisions.

Specification of Activities

Art. 5. (1) The Association shall perform its activities in the interest of its members and for the development of crafts in Southeast Europe.

(2) The line of business of the Association shall be to assist and promote the development of crafts in the Republic of Bulgaria and in other countries in Southeast Europe.