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Purpose of the training:

Introducing the target group to the basics of intercultural management and intercultural communication. Introduction to the aspects of globalization and its influence on business nowadays. Cultural  diversity. Problems and hindrances in the communication process and methods for their overcoming. Nonverbal communication and basic hints to its control.  Intercultural communication, aspects of behavior and  communication according to nationality. Acquiring knowledge about leading successful communication with people of different nationalities and culture, presenting various cultural dimensions and compliance with them. Multinational corporation, international marketing, ethno marketing. Acquiring  practical skills and knowledge about handling  a number of situations in the management in an intercultural environment.

Topics of the training:

  1. Globalization
  2. Culture
  3. Communication, problems and breakdowns in communication and ways to overcome them, non verbal communication
  4. Intercultural communication
  5. Behavioral stereotypes according to nationality
  6. Cultural standards according to Hall
  7. Cultural dimensions according to HoffsfedeКултурни измерения според Хофсфеде
  8. Cultural dimensions according to TrompenarТромпенар
  9. Intercultural management
  10. International human resource management, diversity management
  11. Multinational corporations
  12. Milton Bennett’s model for the development of intercultural sensitivity
  13. International marketing
  14. Ethnomarketing
  15. Practical exercises


German lecturer - Christine Zuegner

Target group:

Young entrepreneurs with less than three years of experience in management.  Human resource management experts. Future entrepreneurs who intent to succeed and take on their family business or are willing to start their own business.

Conditions for joining the training:



To subscribe for this course fill in the APPLICATION FORM and send it to the following e-mail addresses.

Price and modes of payment: The price of the two-day training, including the final exam is 175 Euro per participant оr its equivalence in BGN. The price is valid for a training that is held in Bulgaria and has 20 participants on the list. For a group of 15 participants the price is 220 Euro. The participation fee includes 4 coffee breaks, printed materials and certificates for completion of the training. 

Payments are received per bank transfer.  


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